Cambridge, Ontario

Workshops, Singarounds and Sessions.

In addition to the concerts that are prominent throughout the weekend of the festival, these other activities are also happening.

Please see the Schedule and Venues Map in the centre of the programme for details, times and locations.


Workshops in Ontario folk festivals are a combination of education, performance and entertainment. Various performers from different backgrounds will be put together on stage under a specific theme. These may involve a number of fiddlers from different groups, or a selection of singers could be asked to share songs about specific themes. These create an experience of informal and spontaneous music making by festival artists.


Singarounds or Song Sessions, are informal gatherings where musicians/singers gather in a circle, unplugged, sharing songs together in an informal social setting. A pub session is similar, but mainly instrumental music is played; jigs, hornpipes, etc. These are a mainstay at British and Irish folk festivals.

Hosts are appointed to run these events, but anyone who plays the appropriate style of music can join in. The intent is to provide a place for traditional folk song and music enthusiasts who are not necessarily hired performers to participate in making music at the festival.

These will be held in the Blackwing Coffee Bar (replacing The Kiwi) from 5-9pm. The Mill Race Folk Society hosts these events regularly at various venues in Cambridge throughout the year as well. Check our website for details. (Learn more.)


Enjoy the Morris dance teams that perform frequently throughout the Festival. And maybe try your own hand (and feet) at dancing! In 2017 we will be hosting French dancing with Bouree A Trois. This is a participatory event where anyone can join in.